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Partner with the ONLY locally owned and operated major billboard company in the New Orleans Metro Area.
The Benefits
Our landowners are our partners. Our real estate professionals have developed financial programs that will not only increase our landowners’ property value, but also assist them in covering property expenses.
Income Source
Your property can become a source of income! Payments from Pelican Outdoor Advertising can provide you with a source of income to maximize property investments.
Non Invasive
Pelican Outdoor uses strict engineering standards to build structurally safe billboards. Structure designs can be made to meet your unique property needs, while minimizing the amount of required ground space to guarantee no interruption to ongoing business.
Pelican Outdoor Advertising is fully insured and holds you, the property owner, exempt from any claims for damage caused by our structures or employees.
No Cost To You
Pelican Outdoor Advertising is responsible for all installation, lighting and maintenance costs. We professionally install, illuminate and maintain the billboard structures on your property to ensure a quality appearance.
Tactful Advertising
Pelican Outdoor Advertising has a strict policy of only promoting legal products or services and follows strict guidelines for advertising certain products.